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Netzfabrik Baumbach GmbH - Spessartstrasse 1 - 36341 Lauterbach - Tel. 06641/2565 + Fax 06641/61740
Net types

All kinds of nets --- for every purpose

We are producing from very fine net (Mosquito net, wire mesh) up to very strong net with 10 mm material diameter ( Safety net)
It is also possible to add Kevlar or wire in order to make the nets firm.

We also produce:

Our main business is the production of knotless nets
out of high tenacity, synthetic materials.

Further we knit elastic nets with rubber inside and/or rubber sides
and of course, nets made of natural materials like cotton etc.

The thickness of the net and the size from the meshes
we adjust like your wishes and introductions.

Enjoy the benefits of our technical know-how.
We have always been keen to work in partnership with our customers.

We produce such as:

Safety- and Protectionnets

Net-tubes and elastic nets

Net-pockets, Mapnets, Racks for cars, trucks, busses, trains

Nets for motorhomes and caravans

Mosquitonets, Filternets

Nets for fishing and fish hatcharies

Nets for sport, promotion, laundry bags

Nets for REHAbilitation and hospitals, nets for the industry

We develope and produce nets - for you too.
You get our nets as running meters, as pieces for finish products.
Like you want - it is up to you!